Nurturing Ballet Students from the beginner thru the professional in a caring manner

Instructor: Madame Rio Cordy Barlow of the Royal Academy of Dance

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Creative Movement

Brain Dance

Creative Movement Ages 3-5 yrs.

Brain Dance - All AGES

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The Ballet School was founded by Madame Barlow in 2008, recently it has been declared a Non Profit Agency with the intention of being involved in the communitys education and training to bring the Fine Art of Ballet to South Baldwin County.

Artistic Director Madame Rio Cordy Barlow

She brings over 45 years of dancing and instructing on a professional level. Her goal, as a Premier Instructor is to have a positive enriching effect on the surrounding community, while furthering the advancement of the art of Ballet

Carol Demaio, Secretary

She brings a history of teaching in Foley for over 40 years. Along with being a Mother and Grandmother she understands how dance helps in her teaching of the English language development for many non-english speaking children. She has a love for children and thinks all children should have the oppurtunity to participate in this artform.

Jeannie Robertson, President

An educator with 32 years experience in English, Speech and Theatre. She is a Birmingham Native who recently relocated to the Gulf Coast and brings many great skills and talents to the board and the school.

Shay Cornwell, Administrative Assistant

She assist with many of the daily routines necessary to run and operate the school.  She is an outstanding Artist and Mother. Her heart is to serve on the board to bring the love of this artform to all who are willing to work for it and desire an education in Ballet.

Paula Dumas, Treasurer

An Accountant, Realtor and Mother of 7 children, she brings a vast array of experince to our school and we are honored to have her as the treasurer.  She is a Mobile Native and her family has resided in the Gulf Shores area for 8 years.

Amy Palmer, Marketing, Website, Research

She brings a love of Ballet from a young age.  She has experience as a lifetime dancer and an instructor for several years. She has a desire to see children and adults  to express themselves using ballet as a tool.  She is a lifetime resident of the area and is willling to use her knowledge to help promote and grow this school to benefit the community.

Formal Thank You to Our Sponsor's Support

The Board of Directors for the Coastal Ballet Company the Non-Profit501(c)(3) would like to offically say "Thank you" for the continued support of our endevor to bring fine Arts appreciation to South Baldwin County, it would not be successful without your support.



A Special Thank You


We would also like to Thank our Parents, Grandparents and other family members and friends that helped to get the students to and from ballet classes, performances and rehershals.  Our desires to become all that we dream takes much ambition, hard work, practice, endurance, consistency and drive.  We Thank you for helping our students by providing encouragement, love and much needed support by being consistent in your childs attendance and prompt arrival.  You are truly building a future for your child by giving them values that go far beyond the classroom....Congratulations!!!!!!